Integrated Sciences Building: First Installation of Molecular Playground

The first installation of Molecular Playground is in the atrium of the Integrated Sciences Building at UMass, Amherst. Molecular Playground went operational there in early September, 2009. This new building went into service earlier in the same year, in January, 2009. The Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) houses all teaching laboratories in Chemistry and upper level teaching laboratories in the biosciences. It also houses a 300 seat auditorium, an 85 seat classroom, and a Technology Resource Center with a central core and two flanking 48 seat classrooms.

The ISB is located at one end of a new pedestrian mall, celebrating the "old campus" of UMass. A large number of dormitories lie to the north and east of the ISB and substantial foot traffic is expected through the four story atrium (with a suspended staircase connecting the various levels and balconies overlooking the first floor of the atrium). The Molecular Playground interactive exhibit is on the first floor, near the two first floor building entrances and near the entrance to the 300 seat auditorium and a coffee stand with seating. It is visible from all of the major public spaces and from the upper floor balconies.

ISB Traffic